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Cafe Activities

Our club’s values ​​rest on two key pillars - people and activities. We carry out all our activities in accordance with the club's mission and purpose..


  • Product Sourcing

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Event Booking

  • New Business Connection



Event in August 2016





















Mission & Values

Our mission is to enable our members to meet and share, to support their personal development as well as business interests.

Our mission is to enable our members to meet and share ideas, and to support each other’s personal development as well as business interests. We endeavor to contribute to the development of perception, thinking and consciousness of our members and thereby their inner freedom, joy and satisfaction. We strive to return to business values ​​such as courage, positive thinking, inspiration, accountability, honor, friendship, responsiveness, incorruptibility and transparency. Through our activities we strive to cultivate the environment of society as a whole in the Czech Republic as well as its sustainable development



  • Responsible conduct
  • Positive thinking
  • Mutual respect
  • Courage and honor
  • Friendship and responsiveness
  • The value of words
  • Transparency
  • Inspiration and ideas

What we do?

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TNE Cafe puts business people together: We assist your company in how best to present itself through media, and build the corporate brand through different way of marketing.
MARKET ENTRY SERVICES We offer a full range of services which are normally needed before a company enters a new market for their products. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT We provide management support and guidance for companies that are planning to expand their existing markets or venturing into new ones, and developing new business ideas

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Who are our Customers
Our customers are large quantity buyers and sellers in smaller-to large size corporations who rely on us to search the world over for the right products at the best possible price. To learn how TNE can help you, grow your business click for EMAIL.

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Business Ideas: For those who believe there are no real "NEW" ideas, we present 101 business ideas includes everything.......... Home based, internet based retails, we give the opportunity, our low cost business ideas for start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners..